ममसीता लक्ज़री फ्लेस थ्रो ब्लैंकेट

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Art&Deco By Natasha ‘Mamasita’ designed blanket with a plush velvet face, sewn onto warm, soft Sherpa fleece for a thick, double layer.

These blanket are a luxury addition to your home furnishings.

Made from a plush velvet face featuring Art&Deco Dot-Painting-Design offering you a unique, warm and colourful blanket, which is hand-stitched to beautiful soft Sherpa fleece, it feels silky smooth against the skin and is incredibly snuggly.

Use as custom sofa throws when the evenings get chillier or drape elegantly over your bed for a decorative touch.

Available in four different size options, so that you can have the perfect unique throw for sofas and beds of all dimensions.

  • 450 जीएसएम आलीशान मखमली चेहरा
  • 200 जीएसएम शेरपा बैकिंग भाग गया
  • उभरे हुए किनारे
  • डॉट-पेंटिंग से नताशा डिजाइन द्वारा कला और डेको
  • No mass production – No stock up – Made to order
  • सीमित बिक्री
  • पूर्णता के साथ हस्तनिर्मित
  • प्रिंट और सामग्री पर 10 साल की गारंटी।
  • 100% संतुष्टि की गारंटी या आप अपना पैसा वापस पाएं *

Handmade to order using the finest fabrics and inks, these specialist printed throws for sofas are long-lasting and a timeless home furnishing. The Mamasita dot-painting design are printed onto the plush velvet face, which is then sewn onto warm, soft Sherpa fleece for a thick, double layer. Our Partners in UK use dye sublimation so the inks are fused deep into the fibres of the fabric, meaning the design won’t crack, peel away or scratch off. The hems are neatly sewn, providing a seamless finish.

*Returns procedure must be followed


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